Copenhagen Book Fair 2012

I arrived in beautiful Copenhagen this morning; it was nice to get a chance to enjoy the city before the madness begins. Tomorrow, myself and six other translators will be taken on a ‘publishers tour’; I’m not sure what that entails but it sounds like it will be a full-on day. In the evening, we’ll meet up with some forty other translators from around the world, all of whom translate from Danish. The Book Fair itself starts on Friday, with lots of meetings and seminars planned and hopefully the opportunity to meet some of my favourite Danish authors, including Alen Meskovic, Kristian Bang Foss, Lars Henrik Olsen and Simon Pasternak. I’m also looking forward to seeing Benny Andersen, who celebrated his 83rd birthday yesterday. Tillykke!

Thank you to the Danish Arts Council for their kind support!

07. November 2012 by Paul
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