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I teach all levels from beginner to advanced. My evening online classes are small, intensive and interactive, ensuring you get the attention you need to succeed. Conversation sessions and one-to-one lessons, tailored to your specific needs, are also available. Click the tabs below to learn more!

One-to-one Danish lessons are designed specifically for you – to optimise the way you learn best, how quickly you want to learn, and to gain the skills you need. Spoken Danish will be the focus, but reading, listening and writing skills will also be covered. Learning materials are adapted to suit your needs.

Sessions are delivered using Google Classroom and Google Meet.

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Want to keep up your spoken Danish over the summer break? Then join our free online summer conversation sessions to chat with other Danish learners.

Conversation sessions are open to all levels.

Sessions are delivered using Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Sessions will run every third Wednesday for half an hour.

First session:
Wednesday 19 June from 19:30-20:00 (UK time).

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Online group lessons will start again in September 2024. Contact me for more information.

Sessions are delivered using Google Meet and run for 5-6 weeks, with breaks during UK school holidays.

Proposed schedule:

  • Levels 1-2, Thursday 18:30-19:30 (UK)
  • Levels 3-4, Tuesday 18:30-19:30 (UK)
  • Levels 5-6, Wednesday 18:30-19:30 (UK)

Conversation drop-ins will run every Wednesday from 20:00-20:30 and are open to all levels.

Please note: classes with more than six participants will run for an additional half hour.

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My Neverending Danish Story

I started learning Danish nearly twenty-five years ago, trying to impress my Danish girlfriend (now wife) while working in a cocktail bar in London. And I’m still learning!

For over fifteen years I’ve been teaching Danish, starting the day my teacher asked me to take over his Danish classes for a term, barely six months removed from graduation at UCL with a BA in Scandinavian Studies and a distinction in Danish.

All of my language learning experiences, whether in the cocktail bar or in the classroom, are fundamental to the way I teach. The many challenges I faced, particularly with Danish pronunciation, remain vivid in my mind, as do all the tricks I learned to conquer them along the way. There is a strong emphasis on colloquial Danish in my lessons, on pronunciation and on everyday terms and expressions you might encounter at work, at school, or just speaking to your Danish friends or in-laws.

Not only have I spent a decade teaching evening language classes at the University of Westminster, I’ve also served as the Danish language mentor for the NCW Emerging Translator Mentorship Programme, as a workshop facilitator for the BCLT Summer School for translators, and head of translation for the Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator mentorship. All these linguistic activities have helped me gain a unique perspective on the Danish language.