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An enticing job advert is placed in the morning paper, drawing a throng of women to the company’s reception room. Personnel Manager Frederiksen has been given the impossible task of finding the perfect applicant for a job that every woman in the country is seemingly after. The beleaguered interviewer soon finds himself barricaded in his office, caught between the raucous crowd of women and the gaping window, three stories up. With each applicant becoming more desperate than the last, will he somehow manage to find the right woman for the job?

The Applicants is an absurdist comedy, exploring what happens when the pressure of the job interview becomes too much for both applicant and manager.

Produced by [Foreign Affairs]
Featuring Erica Chestnut, Jason Denyer, Camila França and Trine Garrett.

Translated from the Danish by Paul Russell Garrett.

John Thaw Studio, The Actors Centre
1a Tower Street, London, WC2H 9NP
Fridays & Saturdays, 17 May – 1 June 2013
Performance 7.15pm