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Theatre Translator

Danish and Norwegian classics and contemporary plays

I’ve translated over a dozen plays for theatre companies, playwrights and festivals, get in touch to learn more!

Theatre translation has always played a key role in my translation career, ever since my translation of Benny Andersen’s radio play, The Contract Killer. The translation was performed, published, and produced as a podcast in one crazy year that forged my path as a translator. I have gone on to translate a dozen plays, from classics by Ibsen to contemporary playwrights such as Anne Bro, Jakob Weis and Simone Isabel Nørgaard. I am also closely involved with Foreign Affairs theatre company, serving as head of translation for their theatre translator mentor programme.

Theatre translation combines my love of telling a good story with a knack for dialogue that really sings. Hearing professional actors read out my words is one of the most thrilling things I’ve ever experienced!

Contact me today to discuss translations of all sorts and sizes – or to create your next translation event, run a workshop, give a keynote, chair a panel …

hej [at] paulrussellgarrett.com

Selected Productions

The Warmhouse

by Anna Bro

Helmer Hardcore

by Jakob Weis

The Applicants

by Peter Albrechtsen

The Contract Killer

by Benny Andersen


The format is simple: two theatre makers, five questions each …

In this episode, playwright Simone Isabel Nørgaard and translator Paul Russell Garrett, come together online to discuss their work on The Earth’s Core.

The podcast was developed in connection with a rehearsed reading of the play in March 2023 produced by Foreign Affairs theatre company.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.