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Translation is often a solitary enterprise, but over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work for leading British literary organisations that help bring translators together. I was mentored by the acclaimed Danish translator Barbara Haveland, an experience so critical to my career that I wanted to make sure others would also benefit from it. I’ve since mentored two Danish translators with the National Centre for Writing (NCW), led three week-long workshop programmes for the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) , and helped establish and run the Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator mentorship. Other institutions I’ve collaborated with include University College London, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Danish Embassy in London, Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA) and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.

Collaborations include

  • BCLT Advanced Scandinavian Translation Workshop 2023
  • NCW Danish Mentor 2020-21 and 2022-23
  • BCLT Summer School Workshop Lead 2020 and 2021
  • Warwick Summer School Workshop Lead (theatre) 2019
  • Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator mentorship 2016-present