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On 12 March 2015, Norvik Press and [Foreign Affairs] officially launched the podcast of The Contract Killer at University College London. A brief extract of the play was performed, with Darren Stamford and Jason Denyer once again assuming the roles of Karlsen and Director Holt. Following the performance, UCL’s Dr Claire Thomson led a discussion between myself and one of the directors of The Contract Killer, Camila França. Benny Andersen’s original, Lejemorderen, featured on Danish and Swedish Radio in 1969 before the English translation, The Contract Killer was published by Norvik Press in 2012.

[Foreign Affairs] have done a brilliant job in producing this podcast, and it’s impossible to overlook the foresight shown by Norvik Press to return Benny Andersen’s radio play to its original audio format. A big thanks to both of them. Enjoy!