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Four wonderfully intense days in Copenhagen!

Day One: A brief meeting with The Danish Arts Council before a whirlwind tour of some of the biggest publishers in Copenhagen. In the evening, we were treated to an amazing dinner at The Carlsberg Academy, a stunning building in the old Carlsberg Brewery that I’ve never had the privelege of seeing before. The evening was a generous gift to The Danish Arts Council by The Carlsberg Fund.

Days Two to Four: Three days at the new home of the Copenhagen Book Fair at The Bella Centre. This book fair was much different than London or Gothenburg with a greater emphasis on interaction with Danish authors. Personally, I had a chance to meet up with Lars-Henrik Olsen, Kristian Bang Foss, Simon Pasternak and Torben Munksgaard, as well as a number of other amazing authors, translators and publishers. I left Copenhagen feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of contacts I had made over a very short period and weighed down by the number of books I was bringing home.

All in all, a very useful trip!

A massive thank you to The Danish Arts Council, firstly for sponsoring the trip, but primarily for introducing me to a new network of Danish translators, editors, publishers and agents.