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Busy, busy, busy! Too busy, in fact, to be writing this. London Book Fair is just over a month away and I’ll be working on various sample translations right up until the weekend before the fair.

The BCLT summer translation class in Norwegian seems to be paying off, as I am currently translating almost as much Norwegian as Danish. I’ve just submitted the translation of an article for Granta’s Norwegian edition and prior to that I worked on a lovely little chapter of Laila Sognnæs Østhagen’s Cone Heart.

As part of BCLT’s Mentoring Programme, Barbara Haveland and I have been diligently working on the first act of Helmer Hardcore, a mad Danish play which imagines the fate of Helmer, the day after Nora leaves him in A Doll’s House. It’s a lot of fun working on this, especially after the translation of A Doll’s House which I produced for [Foreign Affairs] last autumn.

Finally, stay tuned for more information on Peter Albrechtsen’s play, The Applicants, with a production pencilled in for later this year.